The word that Nintendo REMOVED from Zelda games

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There's one word which Nintendo went out of their way to remove from ALL ZELDA MEDIA. It's not offensive, so why did they have to get rid of it? Let me explain!


NOTE: The “hu” from the Japanese company name “Yahū” actually sounds somewhere between the English “hu” and “fu” sounds. It’s almost always transliterated as “fu”, eg. Mount Fuji. However to make the pronunciation clearer, I transliterated it as “hu” in the context of the company name.

- Honestly most of the video was just my own research! I spent a long time testing out all of the different versions of the game to see whether YAHOO was included, and I dug up all the old game manuals to see what name was included in each one, too!

- (Footage of Zelda encyclopedia)
(Footage of Zelda encyclopedia)
- (YAHOO sign)

- "Logic and Trick" from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Original Soundtrack, remixed by Zinle
- "Affinity 20" from Tomodachi Collection Original Soundtrack
- "Ballad of the Wind Fish" from Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack, performed and arranged for piano by me
- Other music via Epidemic Sound
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