Tesla Shows 4680 Battery Pack in Giga Berlin Model Y

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We see the 4680 batteries spotted at Giga Berlin according to Tesla subreddit u/geniuzdesign. This is exciting news.

"Berlin model Y with structural pack and 4680s," notes Twitter user Gfilche referring to Tesla.

Dean McManis, who regularly contributes EV stories to Torque News, writes "it is good news seeing the 4680 batteries in a Model Y structural pack. I think that the revised European Model Y will actually ship with the 4680 batteries coming from the Fremont battery factory until the much larger 4680 battery factories in Germany and Texas get finished and start to ramp up mass production next year."

At the Giga Berlin's country fair last Saturday Elon Musk was also asked about cell production. He said that in the future, most cells will be iron-based. He sees batteries as being very sustainable since they are practically infinitely recyclable. Nickel is more difficult to mine more than iron. Nickel will be used a lot for long-range cars and aircraft. Iron for shorter ranged/smaller vehicles. There's really no worry about resources for batteries and sustainability.


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