Next Gen Race Drone? (Still flies for 30 mins!)

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A true ultralight race drone still capable of long range and endurance flying? Yes please.

In this video I designed a new drone frame to support the ever growing list of All In One (AIO) Flight controllers that use the mm mounting pattern. The SharkByte TX5S video transmitter also uses this mounting pattern so the end result is an electronic stack that fits like a

There have been some great videos surfacing of flyers using these AIO boards on typical 2207/2306 size motors with moderate success. Keeping with the ultralight drone theme, I decided to go with the 2005 stator size here. I'm glad I did! This size of drone might just become my new favourite. Weighing in at 190g without battery, it still has the ability to cruise at ridiculously low current draw which makes it enticing for those wanting to fly endurance or long range drones.

I am still yet to test the iFlight XING motors but have plans to put these into a slightly different configuration frame to suit more freestyle type flying. I'll add a naked GoPro to this too.

Link to my previous 37 min race drone here -

Drone used in this video:

Frame: Custom 5inch (~50g)
Motors: Lumenier Chief 2005 2000kv
Props: Gemfan SL 5125/5130, LR5126
AIO: CLRacing F7 V2 (35A)
Camera: Foxeer Digisight V1
VTX: SharkByte (On 25mW)
Antennas: TrueRC Singularity (short) and TBS mini immortal T
Rx: TBS Tracer nano
Batteries: CNHL 6S 850 mAh and 18650 Sony VTC6, 4s

Weight: Dry weight 190g
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