Mega Projects for Public transport in Southeast Asia Part 1

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As the world population grows, the government around the globe, build numerous infrastructure project for the convenient of its citizen, and to maximize its economic potentials. As the foundation of economic activities, Public infrastructure, needs to become more efficient, and beneficial, to the Governments, to the Business Sector, and to its residents. With the advent of new technological, and engineering advancement. Government is not just building an ordinary project, but also project, in an extremely large-scale of investment. Commonly known as the Mega Projects.

According to the Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management. Megaprojects is defined as a large-scale, complex ventures that typically cost $1 billion or more, which take many years to develop, and build. With a vision, to become economically beneficial. Here in Southeast Asia, as one of the dynamic Region with the fastest economic growth, each government build several mega projects that will boost its economic momentum.

Today, we will feature the biggest infrastructural project, in each country in Southeast Asia. With a cost of more than 5 Billion US dollar.

The Boten - Vientiane High Speed Railway is the most expensive mega project in Lao PDR. Costing 6 Billion US dollar

The East Coast Rail Link, is the most expensive infrastructure project, Costing US dollar

The most expensive project of Thailand is the Northeastern High-Speed Rail, Costing Billion USD

Long Thanh International Airport, Vietnam biggest project in History, Costing Billion US dollar.

Another Mega Airport under development in the Region is the Philippines, Airport City, of New Manila International Airport. Costing 15 Billion US dollar.

Meanwhile, the biggest infrastructure project in Southeast Asia, Trans-Sumatra toll road of Indonesia. Costing Billion Us dollar
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