I Bought Every Apex Pack Bundle From The Apex Legends Summer Sale! Was It Worth It?

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I Bought Every Apex Pack Bundle From The Apex Legends Summer Sale! Is It Worth It?

The Apex Legends Summer Splash Sale is finally here! In today's video I decided to purchase every Apex Pack bundle from the store, which ended up getting me around 190 Apex Packs! Throughout this entire video I ended up opening about 20 legendary cosmetics, and also made an excel table of everything I got as well as it's estimated value in Apex Coins.

Since some things have never been sold in the store for Apex Coins, such as Holosprays, I had to estimate but I think my final numbers were pretty close to what all of my skins were worth.

I did not factor in the Voidwalker Wraith skin or the Youngblood Bloodhound skin either as those are given to you automatically for purchasing these bundles.

Alongside the Summer Splash Sale Apex Legends also released a brand new Arenas map called Overflow! I have yet to play it yet but will hopefully be getting some gameplay of it up soon.

Timestamps are below in case you just want to skip through to all of my Legendary items!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Legendary #1
00:50 Legendary #2
01:33 Legendary #3
03:05 Legendary #4
03:15 Legendary #5
04:15 Legendary #6
06:50 Legendary #7
08:44 Legendary #8
09:43 Legendary #9
10:01 Legendary #10
11:00 Legendary #11
14:04 Legendary #12
14:41 Legendary #13
15:00 Legendary #14
15:48 Legendary #15
16:00 Legendary #16
16:11 Legendary #17
16:50 Legendary #18
17:10 Legendary #19
18:18 Excel sheet breakdown
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