Futures Trading Q&A with Merritt Black | Futures Friday

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Futures Friday is where we discuss all issues pertaining to futures traders. What's been working well? What's been challenging? What markets are moving? And much more!

This Futures Friday episode was recorded on 07-16-2021

In this video, we answer the following trader questions:

- Have you considered quantifying your strategies and turn it into a trading algorithm?

- You once said that you "want to form Olympian performers" In your opinion, what is an Olympian Performer in terms of stats and mental framework?

- Are relative volume and heat map essential for your trading?

- How do you place stops?

- What is a spring/upthrust pattern for for entries?

- Could you walk through the trade management for the DMI today? How would you have managed the risk if you got short at the upper zone (4364)? Stops/targets? How would you manage once the bull zone was hit at 48-52?

Come hang out with us every Friday at 1:30 pm ET for our weekly Q&A Mentoring session with Merritt Black. As always, don't forget to bring your questions and we'll do our best to help you along your journey!

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