Future Pokémon Mega Evolutions Fanmade (Part 11)

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Each generation Gamefreak implements a new gimmick. By far, the most well-received by the community is mega evolutions. Unfortunately, in Pokémon Sword and Sheild, mega evolutions were replaced with the new gigantimax forms. Because of that, not a single generation 8 pokemon has a mega evolution. Let's correct that, in this video, we will take a look at what could have been if Gamefreak kept this popular feature.

Mega Mr. Rime - NadzSamsonArt
Mega Morpeko - Itallo_ L_Art
Mega Falinks - artsyaxolotl
Mega Polteageist - NadzSamsonArt
Mega Appletun - NadzSamsonArt
Mega Eldegoss - Itallo_ L_Art
Mega Corviknight - gmendezm
Mega Stonjourner - NadzSamsonArt

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