Free Rolex Watch Turned Down?! | Rolls Royce Cullinan with Lord Aleem | Watchtrader & Co Ep.9

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Welcome to the biggest episode yet. Grab some popcorn and strap on your favourite timepiece.

In this episode we hit the road and head to Birmingham to hand deliver a watch to a VIP client. As we're in the area it would be rude not to give @Lord Aleem a call to see what's going on at Platinum Executive Travel (PET) and check out some of the Supercars in the showroom. Aleem is a watch man himself and always happy to talk about watches and cars. Fortunately we have a serious collection of heavy hitters to show to him and the LA Weekly crew (Check out his 'LA Weekly' series if you haven't already).

Back at base in the Newcastle boutique; Jack is with Supercar Nigel and his son Supercar Harry. Nigel wants to surprise Harry with a watch of his choice but it doesn't turn out as

A new client and viewer of the channel calls to discuss the purchase of an investment piece. The watch in question is the Oystersteel Daytona, black dial with the steel bezel Ref: 116520. Stuart puts a call out for the watch and has to negotiate the best price to meet the clients budget.

Josh has a customer appointment with a gentleman who is collecting a Gold Daytona Ref: 116508. This is before a number of walk-in customers who are looking to sell their Rolex timepieces for the best price possible.

The call comes in for an Everose Daytona and the client wants to have a custom rainbow kit fitted. This requires the dial and bezel of the watch to be swapped out for a custom rainbow diamond bezel accompanied by the matching rainbow dial. All in all this creates a show stopping piece that's hard to ignore. The client will also keep the original Rolex dial and bezel and these can be reinstalled to bring the watch back to its factory aesthetic.

A couple visit the Jesmond store to have a look at the eye-catching Oyster Perpetual range and are torn between the Tiffany blue or the candy pink.

Watchtrader & Co are an established family owned business with a boutique store based in Newcastle upon Tyne and a client base UK wide. With years of experience in the trade, they stock an impressive range of the hottest timepieces from leading luxury brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille and more.

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