Fiverr ruined my game.

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This week I paid 3 different artists on FIVERR to turn Fan Art into real skins for my game!

Punch A Bunch is a physics-based boxing game created by Pontypants. In my devlogs I take you along on my adventure of creating my first video game. I include a bit of everything from making the game and my daily life.

Hope you enjoy :)

???? Wishlist Punch A Bunch on STEAM ???? ????

???? Awesome Courses I took to learn Game Development*
- UE4 blueprints course:
- UE4 C++ course:
- Unity course (best course I ever took):

❤️ Social
• Instagram:
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• Twitter:

????️ My Gear*
Drawing Tablet (I have an older model):
Cool cap:
Shot on:
With this microphone (I have an older version):
Wide lens:
Prime lens:

???? Music
I get all my music from Epidemic Sound - Check them out!
Epidemic Sound:

*Note, above links are affiliate links which means I will receive a small commission if you decide to buy a course. The price will be the same for you, no difference. Thanks for your support!*

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