Bushman prank!! Geordie Bushmans Big screams and laughs 2021!!Will you be next??

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More big screams and laughs with lots of fun!!

More unsuspecting peeps getting the granny scared out of them!

You guys have told me you want longer vids so there's some of those coming soon.
Theres some with new locations coming soon too! I'm trying out a new spot at the quayside, I've tried a new spot in the city which will be amazeballs when the restrictions are lifted, plus there's the vids from the epic Boat Shack at Derwent view and the brilliant Three horseshoes pub on Blyth that I mention later on!
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Plus I'll be back at the Boat Shack on bank holiday Sunday and Monday so make sure you pop down for some of the outstanding food and mega shakes there!!

This is what its all about, we've all had a rotten 18 months so i want to cheer people up as much as possible!!

Back once again with more poor unsuspecting souls getting big scares!!

2021 is turning out to be an amazing year for the Geordie Bushman!!

Geordie Bushman continues his quest to scare the Granny out of everyone in North East England!!

Some great scares with some lovely friendly people in this one! Not to be missed!!

Here’s an absolutely epic day at the Quayside in Newcastle Upon Tyne!!

Ive been out lots recently and have mega vids coming soon with 3 brilliant days at the absolutely amazing Boat Shack, one of these vids has over 165,000 views on tiktok!
Also another amazing day at the mega Three horseshoes pub in Blyth for the first England match! They didn't know what hit them!

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Lots more vids to come!

Recognise the bridge?

Intro: Kubbi - Ember.
Music: Ehrling - You and Me.

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