Black Friday Marketing Trends for Shopify 2021

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Black Friday is coming up and it's the perfect time to launch your business into the next level. In this video I talk about the trends we learnt from last year.

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - It's Black Friday SEASON
1:16 - Faster Checkout
1:52 - Customers want to chat
2:29 - Small business WIN!
3:15 - Delivery & Pickup
3:59 - Email Marketing is Still King
4:20 - Conclusion

Supply chain disruptions and shipping delays. That has been the story of 2021, especially in Melbourne. To mitigate this, ramp up your campaigns and promotions as early as November 12th this year. Many businesses expect to continue well into December — this resulted in 76% more sales than the year before. Black Friday is now a seasonal event, not just a weekend. As long as this keeps producing more money for businesses, I do not expect this to change.

Accelerated checkout is becoming the new standard
Shoppers want to fill carts, not forms. Features like Shopify’s Shop Pay make payment faster. It remembers your customers’ preferred details and encrypts everything so they can safely speed through checkout.

Of Shopify's 10,000 largest businesses with Shop Pay enabled. The data shows that Shop Pay increased their checkout speed by 4x with an average checkout-to-order rate times higher than those going through regular your business relies on impulse purchases ensure that your checkout is as slick and hassle free as possible.

Customers want to chat with you in real-time
Your customers want to talk to you. Live chat apps have become crucial for businesses and buyers alike. We started to see exponential growth in store owners using Shopify Ping to communicate with their buyers as early as April—and it’s continued to trend upwards since then.

The faster you respond, the more likely you are to secure a sale. Whether it’s responding on social media platforms or via SMS. If you respond to a shopper’s chat within 5 minutes you are 70% more likely to get a sale from that shopper. Gorgias is a great app all in one chat app if you’re on Shopify.

Cross-border selling is a cornerstone of modern commerce. You can’t rely on a single market or channel. It can leave your business vulnerable. Nailing your shipping and fulfillment strategy so that you can tap into international markets can supercharge your business. And that’s exactly what you need to do this year. During the BFCM weekend last year, 14% of all orders purchased from Shopify stores were from another country.

Consumers want to support small businesses
Independent businesses have been hit hardest by the pandemic.
Consumers needed to make a choice: to shop small, or to let the powers that be take an uncontested hold on the world of commerce. Fortunately, your customers chose you. During BFCM, more than 44 million consumers globally purchased from independent and direct-to-consumer brands powered by Shopify, a 50% jump from 2019.

There’s a demand for alternative fulfilment options
Your customers want to make purchases their own way. Curb-side pickup and local delivery started as lifelines for retailers early in the pandemic and continue to play a pivotal role this BFCM season.

Consumers want to support local businesses and shop safely from the comfort of their also want to avoid shipping costs and delays. The kicker: shoppers check out with a 25% higher cart size when they choose local pickup and delivery. There’s also tons of shipping delays and supply chain issues globally right now, so offering click and collect gives people the agency to get things when they need it

The top-converting marketing channels remain steady. A lot changed last year, but here’s one thing that stayed exactly the same. The workhorses of online marketing are poised to stay relevant—and profitable—as we move into the next era of SmartrMail if you’re looking for the simplest and most powerful email marketing app.

Use this information to get a head start on your Black Friday campaign. Not every trend might be appropriate for your store, and if you have a question leave it in the comments below and I’ll help as best I can. Thanks for watching guys.


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