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Welcome to BEST RUST TWITCH HIGHLIGHTS & FUNNY MOMENTS #49! The series where you send your Rust clips to my Discord and I edit them into Rust Moments! Hope you enjoy :)

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0:00 A1dan8992
0:15 Intro
0:30 Posty
1:06 Ultra
1:15 Tubz
1:58 Legitmidgethd
2:15 Compound Bow
2:25 Braq
3:08 What a good day
3:11 Spoonkid
3:33 Labix
3:58 Salam
4:30 Camotaoffical
5:00 Casper
6:07 Posty
6:40 like and subscribe
6:49 Hutnik
7:11 Guga74765
7:53 Jun1nj
8:30 Outro


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We obtain clips from our viewers with full permission and rights to use them and compile clips to fit under the guise of a compelling narrative via the use of interesting and exciting video concepts and themes for each individual video. We also add significant editing to make the work transformative from the original creations and fair use.

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